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TSI is an international industry association that advocates for sulphur, representing all stakeholders actively engaged in producing, buying, selling, handling, transporting, or adding value to sulphur.  With the fertilizer industry the largest consuming market for sulphur, agriculture has a major role in TSI’s purpose.

One of TSI’s primary missions is to advocate and explore uses for sulphur to demonstrate it as an element valuable to society, consistent with the general principles of product stewardship and corporate social responsibility.  With over 50% of annual sulphur consumption occurring in agriculture, we support proper use of all fertilizers as outlined in the 4Rs and especially as it relates to sulphur as a fertilizer in itself and phosphate fertilizers for which sulphur is a key raw material.

Sulphur is a key raw material in the production of several nitrogen and phosphorus containing fertilizers.  Also, there are a variety of other sulphur-containing fertilizers used as plant nutrients.