South Dakota Wheat Growers

Wheat Growers is an innovative grain and agronomy cooperative with more than 5,400 active member-owners in eastern North and South Dakota. Despite the name, our members now grow more corn and soybeans than they do wheat.  Wheat Growers markets approximately 170 million bushels annually – and has been serving member-owners with pride and integrity since 1923.

Wheat Growers is governed by a board of active producers elected to represent five districts, and backed by 45 delegates who serve as the liaison with the general membership. Cooperative headquarters are located in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

South Dakota Wheat Growers Cooperative promotes agricultural sustainability through the best applications of science and technology in an effort to assist farmers in the production of a safe, healthy and abundant supply of grain in an economically viable system.

In today’s margin-thin era of complex crop management decisions, Wheat Growers’ custom agronomy resources and personalized service can make a big difference.  Our agronomists apply their crop production expertise to the producer’s operations to help them improve production, yield potential and manage pests and weeds. They can also help the producer manage environmental impact and conservation practices.  Additionally, Wheat Growers seed, custom application and crop protection services are specifically designed for the farm country served in our cooperative area.  It’s all about helping the producer achieve the best harvest possible.

Recently one of our producers received an award for utilizing the 4R concept.  Joel Erickson, of Langford, SD was the recipient of the award and stated the following:  “Closely following the 4R practices has helped us farm better than before. We’ve seen a lot of yield increases. The 4Rs, advanced genetics and improved farming practices are all parts of the plan to continually improve. Combined, they make for a better running, more sustainable farm.”

Wheat Growers offers several tools to assist their customers in achieving their best yield potential.  Additionally, our organization works to provide our customers with a crop input worksheet.  The Crop Input Worksheet is an online tool to help you compare options for corn, soybeans and wheat prior to planting. It automatically calculates estimated expenses per acre, as well as cost per bushel. Customers can then use this information to make informed decisions for their operation.

Individualized crop protection consulting is available throughout the growing season. Wheat Growers Agronomists focus on maximizing crop yield, productivity and safety for our customers’ unique needs. Plus, we offer the largest custom application fleet in the region.  Each local Wheat Growers agronomy location has a diverse line of fertilizers, anhydrous ammonia and micronutrients – all in stock and ready for our customers’ crop nutrient needs. From spring planting and crop monitoring to harvest and fall burndown – Wheat Growers agronomists strive to help our customers enhance productivity and identify issues before they become problems.

Wheat Growers provides the following services:  Crop Monitoring, Crop Scouting & Mapping, Nutrient Management, Plant Tissue & Health Analysis, Prescription Seed Placement, and Soil Sampling & Testing.

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