New 4R Educational Webinars Are Available

from The Fertilizer Institute | February 3, 2020

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Over the last year The Fertilizer Institute has been working with the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) and the International Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) Program to sponsor a series of webinars. So far webinars on Copper, Boron, and Zinc have been created. The Boron webinar featured 1,413 individual registrations while 1,488 individuals registered for the Zinc webinar, and the Iron webinar held in January saw 1,175 individuals registered. The final webinar in this sponsored series will cover Copper nutrition and management and will launch on February 25, 2020. The link to register is below and registration is free if you register now for the Copper webinar.

Copper Nutrition and Management in Crop Plants – Registration link

For past webinars they are available for $50 for non-members of ASA or CCA and $35 for members of ASA or CCA, or all webinars are included in the new Annual Online Classroom subscription for $100 for ASA or CCA members and $145 for non-members.

Boron in Agriculture: Principles and Use –

Managing Zinc in Agriculture by the 4R Principles –

Taking a 4R Approach when Applying Iron to Crops –

TFI staff is in the process of planning for four more webinars in 2020-2021.