INSTA-GRO Manufacturing, Inc.

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INSTA-GRO Manufacturing, Inc. is a Liquid Plant Food Company serving the Agricultural Industry with plant food products made from pure food grade materials.  The INSTA-GRO company offers a complete line of high performance products that have always supported the 4R’s concept for over 65 years with its pioneer work with Liquid Plant Foods, which provides for long term sustainability.   

The INSTA-GRO company believes that the 4R Nutrient Stewardship initiative is important because it stands for everything that INSTA-GRO company philosophies stands for. From the beginning of INSTA-GRO in 1975, President and Founder, Allan L. Farrow, has always believed in providing nutrients to plants when and where they can be utilized the most efficiently.  INSTA-GRO representatives focus on the use of soil and tissue samples to provide growers with fertility recommendations that match the best possible yields, while employing sustainable agricultural practices. INSTA-GRO takes pride in stewardship of the environment and strives to provide earth-friendly solutions that produce the best returns.

INSTA-GRO Liquid Plant Foods containing phosphorous (9-18-9, 3-18-18, 5-20-5, 5-15-15, 16-4-4 and 10-10-10) are homogenized into one molecule and will not move when it is placed in the furrow and in 2 x 2 and     2 x 3 applications at the correct rates.  INSTA-GRO representatives are knowledgeable in making application recommendations relying on using current soil and tissue samples.  INSTA-GRO representatives provide monitoring services along with partnering with customers to accomplish production goals, as well as providing sound soil stewardship practices and management.    

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