The Fertilizer Institute

Who We Are

TFI is the leading voice in the fertilizer industry, representing the public policy, communication and statistical needs of producers, manufacturers, retailers and transporters of fertilizer. Issues of interest to TFI members include security, international trade, energy, transportation, the environment, worker health and safety, farm bill and conservation programs to promote the use of enhanced efficiency fertilizer.

TFI Mission

TFI’s mission is to represent, promote and protect the fertilizer industry. To accomplish its mission, TFI has established the following strategic initiatives:

  • To represent, promote and protect a sound fertilizer industry through legislative and regulatory activities at the federal, state and local level.
  • To effectively address issues impacting TFI member companies.
  • To promote a favorable public image of the fertilizer industry and agriculture.
  • To share knowledge about the fertilizer industry with members, government and the agriculture industry on issues relating to fertilizer and the farm economy.


TFI traces its roots back to 1883, when a group of visionary industry leaders met to form the National Fertilizer Association (NFA). The founders of this association worked together to promote total industry growth, just like TFI’s current members.

Ten years later in 1893, fertilizer manufacturers from Indiana, Kentucky, western New York, Ohio and Tennessee formed The Fertilizer Manufacturers of the West. A similar association for “eastern” fertilizer manufacturers, The Chemical Fertilizer Manufacturers Association, was formed in 1897.

In 1901, the two groups joined to form the Fertilizer Manufacturers Association (FMA). In 1925, FMA and NFA merged, and once again there was one National Fertilizer Association.

In 1955, NFA became the National Plant Food Institute (NPFI), and in 1969, a successful merger between NPFI and the Agricultural Nitrogen Institute (ANI) resulted in the formation of TFI.

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